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Arab Aunty Aaleyah from Dubai Whatsapp Number for Relation

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Marhaba friends, I am Aaleyah 32 years from Dubai, UAE. I am good looking, fair complexion, black hair and normal height with pleasing and loving personality. I live with my nephew in Dubai and he is so cute and make his aunty laugh all the time. I am still single and found that many people sharing numbers in Arab aunty whatsapp number and I am also looking for a decent life partner that’s why I am here to share my real whatsapp number in the category Arab Aunty Whatsapp number. I have good education background as I did University of Dubai College of Engineering and Information Technology. I like cooking on holidays, making friends, Watching Hollywood movies and playing games on Play station with my nephew. I am simple women who doesn’t like to sit at home and I always try to work and so on I am Computing Engineer in private firm and making own software house in Dubai in the future. I have spend my age for making my career in Dubai as I came from Sharjah and now I want to spend my life with my soulmate so looking for decent friend online for friendship and getting good understanding for the relation.

I was little healthy because I am working on computer as engineer so got much weight but now I have began exercise and weight loss diet to recover my weight. I am sharing my picture and complete profile for better information and anyone can contact with me on my Whatsapp number in the Arabic Aunty whatsapp number category.



First Name: Aaleyah
Last Name: Hurriah
Education: Engineering
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Hair Color: Black
Face Color: Fair
Height: Normal
Religion: Islam
Language: Arabic & English
Whatsapp Number: 009-5914225563
Hobbies: Like cooking, Making friends, Watching movies, Play station.
Occupation: Computing Engineer
Town: Dubai
City/State: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates