Sunday , 5 December 2021

Parineeti Chopra on Dating with Charit Desai in Bollywood

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra never been much in news as she is now. It is heard from the sources that Parineeti Chopra is in dating with Assistant director of Karan Johar Charit Desai. Parineeti and Charit were seen together when Charit was shooting for a tour. Parineeti was looking gorgeous in Pink dress when they first found on dating in Mumbai.
Now as both were caught on dating, Parineeti not giving any comment upon that but her friend told us that she is quite happy in her life with Charit. Parineeti already been dated with director Manish Sharma though she is still making herself as single. No matter what the fact is that behind this dating but it’s sure that Parineeti now should get marry as she is turn 28 years.

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