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Pakistani Girls Mobile Number and Whatsapp Group List for Chat

Girls Whatsapp Group 2021

Hi friends I am Zoya from Lahore Pakistan. I am 22 years and student of BDS 2nd year. I am living in hostel with my friends and I enjoy the hostel life and you will get all freedom here. I am sharing the Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Group List for friendship and you can easily go for live chat. The main focus of this list is to provide you the Pakistani real girls mobile number. I am really happy that I am at this stage of life just because of my father’s hard work. My father was selling balloons at the road in my childhood and worked hard as labor to earn money for the family. I have 2 younger sisters and a elder brother and we were living in a rented house in Lahore.

Girls Whatsapp Group

I was also helping out my father while selling balloons and one day a woman came in the car and purchased all the balloons from my father. That day my father has closed the station and we returned to home and I told the story to my mother. On another day I was with my father and selling balloons, I saw the same woman stopped the car near us and asked me where do you live, My father pointed toward house and said we live there. She pointed her finger toward a big bungalow a far away and asked my father to meet me at evening.

Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Number

My father went to that woman’s house along with me at the evening and she asked my father that I like this little girl and I don’t have any children so I want to adopt her. I will bear all the expenses of this baby and will educate her to higher level in good reputed schools and colleges. Her name is Nafeesah and my father was agreed and leaves me at her house. She treated me like a real mother and never felt like stranger, so I am happy to be there. My father also comes to meet me every weekend and he is also opened balloons factory in the city.

Pakistani girls mobile number

I hope guys you like my story and I am really thankful to Nafeesah aunty and my father who helped me out to reach at this level. I want to be a popular dentist in my country so I am working hard in the Lahore Dental College. As the topic we are discussing about Pakistani girls whatsapp groups, I would like to share a list of groups that you can join and find the Pakistani girls mobile number.

Girls Whatsapp Group List 2021


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Pakistani Girl Naila Whatsapp Number for Friendship

Pakistani girl whatsapp number

Hi friends, I am Naila Qureshi from Karachi Pakistan. I am good in figure, look and have pleasing personality. I am looking for a decent friend online that’s why sharing my whatsapp number in the category Pakistani girl whatsapp number. My favorite dish is Chicken Chow-min and usually I go for a restaurant with family to eat. I like listening songs, Painting in leisure time, interested in latest fashion, watching movies and makeup. I am good at education and have completed bachelor degree from Karachi university and now free from exams enjoying vacations in Dubai.

I found many Pakistani girls in Dubai enjoying their vacations with their friends and life partners so I am also searching for my partner. My whatsapp number is in the profile bellow with complete details. Being from Pakistan I feel good respect in Dubai as I found many Pakistani’s in UAE. I want to complete my masters degree and also want to apply for part time job in Pakistan.

I like going for the tours and mostly I travel twice a year in vacations. My favorite color is green and pink and mostly I wear these color dresses. I am looking for a person he should be good looking, decent and have ability to keep me happy and must have good educational background. Anyone can contact with me on my whatsapp number in the profile bellow.



First Name: Naila

Last Name: Qureshi

Education: Bachelors

Gender: Female

Religion: Muslim

Language: Urdu & English

Whatsapp Number: +92-3413138612

Hobbies: Makeup, Songs, Movies, fashion, Painting.

Occupation: Student

Town: Karachi

City/State: Sindh

Country: Pakistan

Islamabad Girl Haniya Mobile Number for Friendship

Islamabad Girl Haniya Mobile Number for Friendship


Hello Friends Asalam Walekum, I am Haniya Arain from Islamabad Pakistan. My color is fair, black hair, normal height and good figure. I am looking for a decent friend online that’s why sharing my mobile number in the category Islamabad girls mobile number.

Education level is very good for me and I am student of masters in humanities and well educated. My parents are living in Dubai and I am living with my aunty here in Islamabad. I like using Facebook, Whatsapp, Listening Qawali, Watching movies and playing games in leisure time. I am good in IT as well and doing Web designing course as I am interested in website.

My best friend Aliya always with me and we both have good journey together for long but now I am going for Pakistan tour in January. There are very beautiful places in Pakistan to visit and I invite all outside visitors to come in Pakistan.
I have seen many Pakistani girls sharing their mobile number in this website so I am also sharing my real mobile number for friendship, he should be good looking, decent and pleasing personality. I am interested in person living in Arab countries like Saudia and UAE.

Complete Profile

First Name: Haniya
Last Name: Arain
Gender: Female
Education: Masters
Age: 23 Years
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: 03.12.1995
Language: Urdu,Punjabi,English
Occupation: Student
Mobile Number: +92-3432089114
Hobbies: Facebook, Whatsapp, Listening Qawali, Watching movies, Playing games.
Address: Islamabad
City/State: ICT
Country: Pakistan

Punjabi Girl Mariam from Lahore Mobile number for Friendship



Hi friends, My name is Mariam and I belong to Lahore the beautiful heartiest city of Pakistan. I am good looking, fair color & well educated. Listening music, sleeping, watching movies & cricket are my hobbies. I am simple girl and do not look for expensive things in life as I do not compare myself with any other celebrity or personality. I am looking for a friend online so sharing my Mobile number in the category Punjabi girls mobile number . I am well educated and studying in BBA 2nd semester, also working part time as freelancer on different project from Fiver and other sites. I am self motivated and do not hesitate to express my feelings to my parents and friends. I am looking for decent friend online for friendship. I am interested in Dubai and Saudi Arabia man so any one interested in Pakistan or Arab can contact with me on my mobile number in the profile. It is very good to find this site to share mobile number and profile for friendship to meet with new friends and make a relationship.



First Name: Mariam
Last Name: Qadri
Education: BBA
Gender: Female
Religion: Islam
Language: Urdu & English
Mobile Number: +92-3453313613
Hobbies: Listening music, Sleeping, Watching movies & Cricket.
Occupation: Student
Town: Lahore
City/State: Punjab
Country: Pakistan

Pakistani Lahore Punjabi Girl Asiya Rajput Whatsapp Number

Pakistani girls whatsapp number


Hello my friends, I am Asiya here from Lahore the beautiful city in Punjab Pakistan. I am 21 years and have good figure and color, I maintain my weight and take care of my skin. I am sharing my mobile number in the category Pakistani girls whatsapp number. I am simple and always take care of others feelings. I am student of Health Sciences from Punjab university. I like listening songs, playing games on play station, watching sports and cooking on holidays. I spend most of the time with my friends and I enjoy my life with freedom. I am typical Punjabi girl who like to go for outing every week. I love my parents and sisters who supported me very well in my education and I respect them a lot. I am still single and looking for a decent friend online so I joined this website for friendship and dating. I go murree in every year vacation with friends but I feel like I should have boyfriend. I am interested in dating so first I would like to make him friend and then look for dating. He should be good looking, handsome, well educated and must have qualities like me. I am sharing my real whatsapp number in the profile bellow so anyone contact with me on my whatsapp number to get my personal mobile number.


First Name: Asiya
Last Name: Rajput
Gender: Female
Education: Health Sciences (Masters)
Age: 21 Years
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: 03.07.1997
Language: Urdu,Punjabi,English
Occupation: Student
Whatsapp Number: +92-3212686791
Hobbies: Listening songs, Playing games, Watching sports & Cooking.
Address: Lahore
City/State: Punjab
Country: Pakistan