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Whatsapp Status in Tamil and Hindi with India Survey

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Whatsapp is used all over the world and its feature of whatsapp status being so popular but it is used high popularity in India. Whatsapp status in Tamil  is been so popular in 2017 and many searches came from Tamil and India. In whatsapp status feature users can post text kind of status updates for their profile and background images. We have a great survey this weekend and find that what people need new in whatsapp and how they are satisfied with Whatsapp status feature.


  1. Madhu from Chennai:

I am very much satisfied with whatsapp status service and I daily use this feature to set my status according to events and positions, I mostly use whatsapp status in Tamil because I live in Tamil Nadu and all my friends are added in whatsapp are belong from here Chennai.


  1. Janhavi from Vellore:

Hi friends, I am Janhavi and I am also using whatsapp status feature for many years. I like this feature very much and also suggest whatsapp to add more features in whatsapp like we can record video calls. I also download whatsapp status in video.


  1. Tanvi from Mumbai:

Hi guys I am doing part time job online and I have seen most of the majority in India using whatsapp status in Hindi very much. I like it also and use this feature. Nobody can say that Whatsapp is not a good messenger because it have all the things which we want in our life to share and chat with.


  1. Arushi from Ahmedabad:

Nice to hear about Whatsapp status and specially in India we all love using whatsapp and its feature Whatsapp status in Hindi. I have been using Whatsapp many years and it is really fulfilling our needs to connect with each other. It is really great service to make your


  1. Nirjara from Kolkata:

Whatsapp status is the feature that make us express our feelings to all our contacts. My first choice in the morning is to add whatsapp status images and mostly I like text status but I post images many occasions.

These whatsapp users are the only public but if we look at the celebrities they’re using it frequently and posting it on daily basis. This is not the final survey but we will post more survey and Whatsapp status in all formats like Whatsapp status in Hindi, Whatsapp status in Tamil, whatsapp status in marathi, whatsapp status Tamil and many more others.