Tag: Women’s Health Problems and Solutions

Women’s Health Problems and Solutions

Women's Health Problems and Solutions

Women’s health involves a variety of gender-specific issues, like estrogen production, mental health, sexual health and fertility concerns. Women go through dramatic mental and physical changes as their reproductive systems go through major changes. Women can take charge of their health by eating a proper diet, seeking the proper screenings and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Facts About Women’s Health

Women’s bodies go through major changes throughout their lives, leading to differences in health concerns for varying age groups. During times of physiological change, women are more susceptible to mental health issues like depression, anxiety and eating disorders. In adulthood, sexual health issues like fertility, avoiding STDs and practicing safe birth control gain importance. After menopause, some women experience health conditions caused by changes in hormone levels. Fortunately, most of the diseases that affect women are treatable if detected early, and women can live long and happy lives by following simple health tips.

Other health centers realized that to raise awareness of the risks associated with home births and to increase skilled birth attendance, they needed to involve traditional birth attendants. They used RRIs to jumpstart partnership and training. These attendants now accompany pregnant women to health centers and play a major role as mediators to promote the utilization of health services, information campaigns, and advocacy efforts.

Other RRI innovations include involving community members in the planning and implementation of health centers’ door-to-door and mobile outreach services to make them more regular and responsive to community needs, especially in remote and underserved areas. Some RRI teams have organized local radio shows featuring women, religious, and traditional leaders to raise awareness about health services, and some religious leaders have included family planning and skilled birth attendance in their weekly sermons. This shift is helping to defeat rumors and change social norms.