Sunday , 5 December 2021

TV Actress Saloni Chopra Find on Dating in Mumbai with Bollywood Actor

Saloni Chopra the famous MTV actress of the show Girls on Top is seen on dating in Mumbai with Bollywood actor Satyajeet Dubey. Satyajeet is known by his popular movies like ‘Always kabhi Kabhi’ and ‘Luck ki baat’. Both celebrities were seen together on many places in Mumbai for almost a year and it looks like they are serious in relation with each other. Though we also know Saloni and Satyajeet have family relation of each other and they also seen together on events and gatherings with family.

They are making this friendship relation to dating and they both enjoying during shooting and in Coffee bar. Saloni looks well and happy while both found on dating with each other. It looks like they want to make this friendship to the next level or may just want to spend time with each other, but time will tell their real story.

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